The fight of the British Anthony Joshua with the Ukrainian master Vladimir Klitschko in 2017 is considered one of the best duels in boxing history. April night was a duel of real masters. The fight ended with the victory of Joshua, who defended the title of world champion of the IBF federation, and also took over the belts of WBA and IBO.

The fight itself, numerous turning points, great actions and the surroundings of the Wembley Stadium would be suitable for a solid film material. However, in Netflix’s production the fight is only the culmination. The culmination of a wonderful story, which is told for almost an hour and a half of material.

The netflix production has the character of a documentary. And it is a document of the highest flights. Not only because of the good work of the camera and the choice of scenes, but above all because of the main character, Anthony Joshua. The boy is known not only as a great master, but also as a very positive and friendly guy.

Amazing ease and self-confidence is intertwined here with conscientiousness of work and hard training conditions. Despite millions in his account, the boxer prefers difficult, even Spartan circumstances during the preparation period.

A car for the trainer

An interesting part of the document is Joshua’s visit to one of Anthony’s first trainers. After a short, warm conversation, the boxer invites his supervisor outside. There stands a new BMW – which, as it turns out, is a gift and thanks for the effort and support put in during the first years of Anthony’s career.

Joshua’s extraordinary relationship with Klitschko.

What arouses the greatest admiration and appreciation is the mutual relationship between the masters. Vladimir Klitschko mentions in the document that he sees himself in Joshule years ago, clearly admiring and respecting him.