The appearance of two lines on the pregnancy test may herald either full happiness or full despair. The latter option may occur for a number of reasons: unplanned pregnancy, a bad moment in life, the wrong man at the side, but also because of information about the risk of foetal development or the health of the mother. Undoubtedly, information about successful conception of a child is not a reason for happiness also, if it took place in illegal circumstances – it is a delicate term “rape”. I am writing about this at the beginning, because the developmental pattern of the foetus in the mother’s body described in the article will be closely related to the ABORTION and the question “is it really a murder?

Before we get to know the process of formation of NEW LIFE, let’s go into the cycle of removing the old one for a moment. Contrary to the opinion sucked from film productions, death is not the moment of stopping heart action and “pi pi pi piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.

According to the Act of 1 July 2005 on the Collection, Storage and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs and the Announcement of the Minister of Health of 17 July 2007 on the criteria and method of establishing a permanent irreversible cessation of brain function – the legal moment of death is considered to be brain work stoppage (however, it was stated that not all brain cells die at the same time, so the necessary and sufficient condition is to establish the DEVELOPMENT OF MOBILITY). Why the brain? Because it is the only organ whose work we are not yet able to support artificially with medical equipment (which is the case with the cardiovascular system or respiratory functions).

Why do I mention this information at all? Because following the legal definition of death, a definition of life should be constructed on the same basis.

If death is the moment of brain destruction, why can’t life recognise the moment of brain start?

And now we will move on to the part where we will find out when this ball in a woman’s uterus is the embryo, when the embryo, when the foetus, and when we cannot remove it?

1. month It all starts with a delicious night and fertilization.

It all starts with a delicious night and fertilization (the sperm goes to the egg cell, which waited for him with open arms in a tube called the fallopian tube – this is where they join together and plan to destroy the life of parents for the next 18 years 😀). On the seventh day God went to rest, and this cluster of cells already has 100 of them. During the following days is divided into 3 parts, from which in the next weeks will develop individual organs – including the brain. At the end of the month, the embryo is only 3 cm. The heart looks like a tube, and at the end of the month the brain resembles a mini ball without the hemispheres and parts of the hill that are responsible for any perception of the senses. It resembles more or less the tube shown in the picture on the right.

2nd month

Here is a leap in brain development – although the brain is not yet able to perceive or feel anything. There are also mini beans, which will once serve as hands and legs, and at the end of the month there are already the first traces in the ears, eyes and mouth. The shaping of part of the reproductive system is also beginning, but this is not yet visible in research.
3. month During this time

During this time the last cuts of most organs take place – they begin to function independently: liver, kidneys, heart. Our embryo begins the stage called “fetal life”, and at the end of the third month the brain begins its first attempts to receive stimuli from the outside by means of a hill, which for the time being is the main part of its brain, which is still small, not wrinkled and lacks many essential parts. BUT IT IS!

This is the end of the moment when abortion can be carried out in accordance with the law (of course in exceptional situations, if we are talking only about Poland).

The brain is not yet fully formed, which can be seen in the picture above (I allowed myself to introduce a slight humour ;). DOPIERO In the 5th MONTH nerve cells appear, which participate in the reception of sound or touch. And only at the turn of the 5th and 6th month is it recognised that THE SLOAD IS IN THE STATE OF Pain.

The remaining months until the time of improving and creating a full version of the human being.

Are we humans before we develop the brain? Everyone has to answer this question on their own, and science can only help in these deliberations.