1. a woman who expects three children at once must be really tough. Her uterus must stretch more than 1000 times to accommodate future family members.

2. The cardiovascular system that distributes blood in our bodies is 96,000 kilometres long.

3. The heart muscle contains cells that shrink and expand to control the rhythm of our heart. These cells start working when the embryo is only three weeks old and do not stop until we die. WOW.

4. Around 150 million red blood cells commit suicide every minute. But at the same rate new blood cells appear, so they are always enough to maintain the oxygen balance in the body.

5. in an average man, each testicle produces a gigantic number of 100 million sperm per day, each of which develops for about 70 days.

6. The strongest bone in the human body is the femur. It is harder than concrete and can bear or withstand a load equal to thirty times its volume and weight.

7. The man blinks up to 20 times per minute. Each blink takes less than half a second. When you add all the blinks, it turns out that for more than an hour a day we see darkness. But the brain handles these breaks so well that we don’t even notice them.

8. the intestinal space is a finger-like spear of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, thanks to which the absorption surface in the small intestine is larger and matches the size of the tennis court.

9. No creature of the Earth dies as often during childbirth as a human being.

10. Blondes and blondes have the most hair – about 146 thousand. Cloakrooms have about 100,000 hairs, while the least hair follicles occur in red people – about 86,000.

11. a person’s heart is so strong that it could pump blood up to at least 9 meters. The heart muscle is the strongest in the body because it has to deliver blood to every corner of the body, including the distant toes and toes.

12. According to scientific research, the human nose is capable of distinguishing as many as 50,000 odours.

13. Every square centimetre of the body is inhabited by 32 million bacteria.

14. the weight of the exfoliated epidermis can lift about 0.75 kg per year. After 70 years we will lose 52 kg of epidermis.

15. the face needs 17 muscles to express smile and 43 muscles to express sadness.