In summer nothing refreshes us like a cold shower. Especially in the morning, such a shower will awaken us and stimulate us to act. A cold shower in the morning also has a very positive effect on our health. In addition, it will inhibit our metabolism and speed up our metabolism.

A cold shower immediately stimulates us to act. A few minutes in the morning is enough for this ritual, and we will be relaxed and awakened. Its basic advantages are as follows:

Refreshment – a morning cold shower can be used instead of coffee – it will give us the same amount of energy and strength. The body also becomes stronger, hardens, so it is less likely to catch a virus or infection.

Improved appearance of the skin – cold water makes the skin firm and elastic. Hot water, on the other hand, can cause the skin to slacken, dry and age prematurely.

Improved blood circulation – has a positive effect on blood circulation, and thus reduces the risk of diseases associated with it. Additionally, cold water prevents the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins.

It will improve our immunity – thanks to the fact that we take a cold bath every day, our body will start to stagnate. In the autumn and winter we will not be caught by infections and viruses. At the beginning it is worth to use alternate cold and warm shower, so that the body gradually gets used to such a change.

It will speed up our metabolism – it can accelerate the metabolism. To function properly, our body should have a body temperature of 36.6. To maintain it, when we cool down, taking a bath in cold water must speed up the metabolism. He tries to even it out and keep it at a given level. He mainly uses the fat reserves that are accumulated in it. This is why fat tissue is burned much faster.

It has a positive effect on our hair – cold water prevents hair dryness, dandruff formation and hair loss.

It eliminates stress – has a soothing effect on our body, alleviates fears. It will be a good solution before the stressful day begins.