There is a belief that mankind’s greatest inventions are the result of extraordinary cases, a series of coincidences, which often determine the final success. This strange phenomenon can also be observed in the world of show business or sport. Sometimes an ordinary gust of happiness can change the fate of a grey man, making him a mega star, a god of crowds. Zinedine Zidane would probably not have appeared in the world had it not been for the fact that his father (an Algerian by birth), on his return from France, had come to Marseille, a port city. There he met his future wife. Mr. and Mrs. Zidane settled permanently in France, and in the following years Zinedine, the fruit of their love, appeared in the world. The fruit, which seemed to have no chance of being slaughtered, came from a poor district and, moreover, was the child of emigrants. Luckily, speculations do not always work…

“Everyone is born with some talent. I, for example, received a good technique” – Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Yazid Zidane was born on 23 June 1972 in Marseille. His childhood, although rich in parental love, was not the easiest. He grew up in a poor neighbourhood where every young person had to prove his worth and strength of character practically every day. There was no room for the weakling, who after getting a nose switch would hide under the mamin skirt. Drugs dealers, thieves – these people lived in the door of the young Zizou. From an early age, Zinedine liked football. He played with his peers on concrete squares. It is said that the team for which he was elected always won. Initially he trained judo, but with time he realized that his real passion was football. At the age of 8 he starts playing in a small US Saint-Henri club. There is a diagnosis – “you will be a football player”. Then, as a 14-year-old, she moves to the Septemes Sports Olympiques Regional Sports Centre in Aix-en-Provance.

Three years later he debuted in the French League in AS Cannes. For the first goal he scored, the president of the club founded a car for him, Renault Clio. As his first club later fell to the second league, Zizou is sold to Girondins Bordeaux for around 3 million francs. In 1993 Zidane marries a Spanish dancer, Véronique. The transfer to Bordeaux proved to be an unsuccessful decision, but it did not prevent him from making his debut in the French national team on 17 July 1994. In his first match with the senior team, Zizou scored two goals, which ensured a tie with the Czech Republic and showed that Zinedine’s adventure with the team started for good…


“Football is easy. It has simple rules. You can play alone, in five, six or twenty. A piece of the pitch and a ball are enough.”


The year 1996 was a breakthrough in the life of the player. It was then that the “mighty people of the world of football” brought him to Juve. The investment proved to be extremely successful. Juventus, also thanks to the great game of Zidane, won the European Supercup, the Intercontinental Cup, 2 times the Italian Championship and the Italian Supercup.


“It’s not that I feel like I’m a great footballer. There are many better than me”.


In 1998, Zidane had a great opportunity to present his original skills to a wider audience. France hosts the World Championships. Zizou starts the tournament in a great style and is chosen the best player of the first match. Then something disturbing happens – If you are caught in one of the group matches, you are removed from the field for a violent foul. Everything indicates that the player lost his chances and the tournament for him ended at the start… but nothing more misleading. Zizou returns to play in the quarter-final and scores two beautiful goals in the final after a head strike. He is selected as the best player in the tournament. For his great talent in Juve and the team, Zidane is awarded the Football of the Year Award of 98 according to FIFA.


“Football and family is all my life”.


The great series continues. In 2000, France was the first team in history to win the world championship and also won the highest prizes in the European Championship. The tri-color team leads Zidane to this title with his great game. It is for this reason that he has been awarded the FIFA Football of the Year title for the second time.

A year later, Zizou moves to Madrid. The authorities of Real Madrid are paying a staggering $65 million for it. Since then, Zidane has been the most expensive footballer in the world. Together with such stars as Figo, Raul or Ronaldo, he wins many valuable cups. For the first time in his life he can celebrate his victory in the Champions League, especially as he scores a beautiful goal in the final match. In 2003, Zinedine was elected Footballer of the Year for the third time, but it is increasingly being said that she will end her career. After the failed European Championships, and earlier the World Cup, Zidane and his best friend Thuram decide to end their representative career.


“As soon as time allows me, I get involved in various activities for boys interested in football”


The year 2006 is the year in which Zinedine Zidane says goodbye to professional football. However, he decides to support his team once again in the international struggle. He and Thuram are back in the team to support their colleagues at the World Championships in Germany.

After his last performance in club colours, he will face the last match in his career. After a fatal group phase, France is in a good shape to reach the finals. It would seem like a dream situation for Zizou, he will be able to go away in glory and glory… But it happened in a completely different way. After the provocative words of the Italian footballer Materazzi, Zidane hits his chest with his head, for which he is punished with a red card. In later interviews, he explains that the Italian offended his mother and sister by saying words that were offensive to them three times. France loses the final match in penalty kicks and Zizou does not even appear in the award of the silver medals. Most fans forgive him anyway what he did and regret that the great Zizou finished his adventure with the ball. Probably the last award he received for his sporting achievements is the title of the best footballer of the mondial in Germany. Although he will no longer be seen as a player on the pitch, everything indicates that his coaching career will continue with the same vigour as his football career. He is already the first in history to win two Champions League Cups in a row. Nobody has managed this before. This is only the beginning.

On Platini: ‘I watched the game and said to myself: ‘I want to be like him’. He did not become a world champion, and what about it? People remember him and will never forget him. I don’t think that’s how Zidane remembers them.

Could it be?