Hugh Laurie, or rather James Hugh Calum Laurie, was born on 11 June 1959 in Oxford. In 2004 he played the role of the main protagonist of the FOX TV series – Dr. Housa. Especially for this role, he learned to speak with a purely American accent. The effort he put into preparing for the role did not go in vain. Twice – in 2006 and 2007 he was awarded the Golden Globe. In 2005 and 2006 he received the Saturn award in the category of the best actor of a drama series. He is the author of the novel ‘Arms Dealer’. The book was on the bestseller list for many weeks.

Hugh Laurie’s personal life

Hugh’s father was a rowers, in 1948 he won the Olympic gold medal. After some time he finished his sports career and devoted himself to medicine. He was a family doctor for many years. Hugh also considered medicine, but eventually opted for archaeology and anthropology.

Hugh Laurie has two sons, Charles and William, and Rebecca’s daughter.

He is 189 cm tall, atheist, vocalist in the charity band Band From TV. Hugh Laurie is very talented musically, playing the piano, guitar, saxophone, drums and harmonica.