Taking care of a child’s skin is an essential part of the care and duty of every parent. The most important issue to consider is the right choice of the preparation for the time of year and the child’s skin. In the past summer period, each parent had to remember not to go outside with the child without first applying a high-filter cream. What’s more – while in the sun it is necessary to repeat the dose of such a specificity from time to time, because exposing it to environmental factors reduces its activity.

Is it necessary to change the cream in the upcoming winter period? Is SPF not so important anymore?

How to protect your baby’s skin from the drying effects of frost and wind?

All these questions germinate in every parent’s head. Today we will present a few basic points that should be followed when choosing the cream.

1. short and simple composition – the shorter the better. Remember to avoid such substances as paraffin, glycol and too many preservatives in the cream composition.

2. hypoallergenic products – most often in cosmetics, fragrances show an allergic effect. If we decide on a fragrance-free product, we will minimize the risk of allergies appearing on the child’s skin.

3. lipid barrier – winter creams based on fat effectively protect the skin against frost, because they form a specific and effective barrier on it.

These are three basic principles that should be remembered when going to a pharmacy or drugstore.

The safety of the cream is also enhanced by the fact that during its production plants from organic crops and organic ingredients were used. Often parents have problems finding the ideal winter cream for their child.

How to use the winter cream?

Before going out with your child for a walk (about 15 minutes) apply a small amount of the cream to the child’s face and hands. If the walk lasts longer than two hours, it is worth repeating the application after this time. If redness appears on the child’s skin – consult a doctor, because despite the protection, slight frostbite may have occurred.