Many women wonder how to take care of their skin. This is the most common concern of women struggling with acne of a mature age, i.e. one that is not addicted to storm hormones. As it turns out, the introduction of ingredients improving the appearance of the skin into your diet is neither difficult or expensive. There are many books on the market which deal with this subject, but in fact the whole idea is based only on the inclusion of additional ingredients and exclusion of the “bad” ones, and the form of their adoption does not matter and depends only on you.

What to eat to have a beautiful complexion?

First of all – if you don’t like vegetables or just don’t eat them, it’s a big mistake not only because of your complexion, but your overall health! It is important to use fruit and vegetables to provide your body with the necessary micronutrients so that it can use them to ensure internal homeostasis, a balance that is also essential in the fight for beautiful skin.

Vegetables, which must be included in your diet, include:

-Radishes, which are the so-called “water to eat”, because they increase the hydration of our skin.
-spinach – high content of vitamins A and C (they take part in the production of collagen); it has a great effect on acne
-parsley – the zinc present in it has a wonderful effect on acne, relieving inflammations
-tomatoes – support the natural processes of detoxification of the body, help to cleanse the skin of toxins

It is extremely important to introduce as many “green” vegetables and herbs as possible into your diet. In addition, the skin is also very positively affected by the egg – thanks to the high content of nutrients – vitamins A and D, which regulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Remember that beauty begins inside!