And what the parent doesn’t like the most has happened. Your little one is ill. He is tedious and crying. He can’t be touched, let alone administering medication. You are not alone. Many parents go through it.

You could create a thick book about parents’ ways and deceit to encourage or force a child to take an unpalatable medicine. If they are good for those whose little ones are delighted to see another medication served by the parent or, as it happens, the child is asked to take the medication himself or herself.

In the case of both newborns and infants, it is best to give drugs in syrup with a special syringe. However, one should remember to inject the drug on the sides of the cheeks, not in the middle of the mouth. Thanks to this procedure you will avoid a possible choking of the child.
Is it possible to give the tablets to small children?

It is best to crush and dissolve the tablets in water before giving. The exception is vitamin D, which is best dissolved in milk. It is then more assimilable for the body. Larger children can be given medicines in syrup on a spoon or a measuring spoon attached to the package. What is important, both for smaller and larger children, always check whether the amount of the drug corresponds to the dose recommended by the doctor before giving the drug.

Both the syrup and the tablets should be washed down with plenty of water. Drinking juice or tea is not advisable, because it may disrupt their absorption into the body. A baby who is breastfed after administration of medication should be attached to the breast. When giving pharmaceuticals prescribed by a doctor, one should also remember to give them systematically, so that one of the doses is not omitted.