Don’t know what you can take to school or work for breakfast instead of a standard sandwich? There are many proposals, and today we will present some of them!

Wrapped tortilla for breakfast – just buy ready-made tortilla cakes, heat it up in microwaves (to make it soft) and put your favorite ingredients inside. It can be ham, whipped scrambled eggs that you will make in the morning, as well as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers. In fact, everything you have in your fridge. You can pour it all with a ready-made sauce and wrap it tightly. You can pack them in aluminum foil or straight into the box, stacking them tightly so that they don’t break down on the go. Instead of tortillas, you can fry pancakes and make the same dish.

Breakfast to the box- more and more people are choosing to pack ingredients into the container and consume them with a fork. This is much more convenient and healthy than eating bread sandwiches every day. You can put radishes, cucumbers, boiled broccoli and baked chicken into such a box, which you can cut into slices beforehand. You can also pour a little sauce into a separate container, which you should sprinkle the dish before consumption.

Box salads – this is the most popular solution used mainly by women. It is a quick breakfast that does not require too much time in the morning, which women prefer to use for make-up and hairstyle. The salad is mainly a mixture of several ready-made ingredients. In stores you can also buy ready-made salad mixes and add your favourite ingredients such as mozzarella balls, cocktail tomatoes and cucumbers. A quick instant sauce and breakfast ready.