Currently, many women complain about problematic skin. Usually it is a mixed skin or typically oily acne or prone to numerous imperfections. Unfortunately, summer is not the best period for owners of this type of skin. The sun’s rays promote the formation of blackheads, and the heat increases the secretion of sebum, which not only makes the skin shine harder during the day, but also clogs up the pores. After the summer, acne skin is often in a very bad condition. How to protect yourself from this?

What to remember in summer?

The basic point of summer acne skin care should be strong sunscreens. It would be best if it was a product with SPF 50, because it will provide the highest protection for our skin and minimize the risk of unpleasant discolorations. It’s also a good idea to look for sunscreen products for problematic skin that will simultaneously alleviate the symptoms of acne and imperfections. You can get great series of such cosmetics at the pharmacy!
Acne skin care

Many people forget that properly selected care can work wonders! Don’t forget its most important steps! It means: cleansing, toning and moisturizing! Yes, oily and acne-prone skin also requires a strong dose of moisture! If we make it dry, we will increase sebum production and fall into a vicious circle of emerging imperfections. A very important stage of acne skin care is its thorough cleansing and peeling. If you have active inflammations in your face, forget about mechanical scrubs based on particles! It is necessary to buy an enzymatic peeling that gently but effectively exfoliates dead epidermis. And above all – there is no option for you to go to bed without washing away your make-up! This is a standard of care that you must remember!