With the arrival of a newborn baby at home, a million questions arise in every parent’s head. How to care for your baby, how to bathe, how to dress for a walk. Such doubts spend their sleep with parents’ eyelids, especially when a new family member appears in the autumn-winter season. As a general rule of thumb, a newborn infant should be dressed in one layer more than an adult for the same weather conditions. However, in winter it is difficult to define this magical boundary precisely. In addition, there is the issue of a warmer blanket, caps, gloves and other items to keep the child warm.

How can this be solved in order not to overheat or cool the child during the walk?

A very practical solution are wheelchair sleeping bags, which are becoming more and more popular on the market. This is an ideal way to provide comfort in the stroller, but also to better control the thermal conditions without interfering with the child’s clothes. Unlocking and fastening the sleeping bag allows for immediate reaction to temperature changes in the child’s environment. It prevents the child from overheating in a queue to a shop, in a car or on a tram and does not require tedious removal and putting on a jacket/suit every time we enter and leave the building. Because every parent should remember that it is more dangerous than chilling the child – it is overheating – this condition promotes the development of many infections and has a negative impact on the child’s immune system.

How to choose the perfect sleeping bag for a pram?

When choosing a sleeping bag it is worth paying attention to a few issues: size, material, thickness, method of fastening and adjustment to the baby stroller. Usually on the market we will meet sleeping bags of universal size (or with a tab that allows changing it), which are suitable for children up to 4 years of age. Popular sleeping bags fit both a pram and gondola, so there is no problem with choosing a baby stroller during the baby’s infancy. In the case of sleeping bags, it should be gentle, pleasant to the child’s skin, but above all breathable in order to minimise the risk of overheating.

Choosing a sleeping bag for the stroller you can also encounter different thicknesses – in this case it is worth considering what time of year we will use the sleeping bag most often. Will it be in autumn or winter, or maybe also in spring? If it is difficult to make a decision in this respect, it is worth considering the average thickness of the sleeping bag, but equipped with an additional, detachable insert, which we will be able to use when necessary.