Regular consumption of water is always important, but it is especially important to remember this in the summer. During heat, your body can quickly dehydrate, especially if you are on the beach, for example, or physically active. The effects of dehydration are unpleasant and can be really bad, especially for children and the elderly, who have health problems.

Daily water consumption

At least two litres of water should be drunk each day. Of course, it is worth knowing that with drinking water you cannot overdo it the other way. Excessive consumption may cause various valuable micro and macroelements to be rinsed out of the body. The golden mean is therefore best preserved. After all, water is also consumed when you drink tea or fruit juices. If you are drinking coffee, remember to drink an extra glass of water.

Dehydrated organism

Very often you feel an unpleasant headache during a hot day. The best solution then seems to be to drink another coffee. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake, because the headache may be associated with the dehydration of the body. So the best cure in such situations is to drink a glass of water, and to remember to reach for it again in a while. If you do not drink regularly on hot days, you may very quickly feel weakness or even sleepiness, a huge lack of strength and a decrease in concentration and attention. This is the first sign of dehydration. Regular watering should be remembered when you have young children. Elderly people also need to drink water regularly, as they can also have serious blood circulation problems when blood becomes dense and clots develop.

How to drink more water?

Regular drinking of water in summer should be a habit for everyone. It is worth taking a small bottle of water with you when you leave home, or set up notifications on your mobile phone, which will remind you of the need to drink a glass of liquid. You can also download a special application to your phone, which will determine the optimal water consumption for a specific person, and which will count each glass drunk, so that at the end of the day the application user can find out how much he has actually drunk.