Most of the year do you have rhinitis? Are you increasingly tired of tearing your eyes? Do you sneeze when your pet appears nearby? Or maybe you are plagued by a rash? It’s certainly an allergy.

Allergy is the body’s reaction to allergens. Due to their origin, food, skin and inhalation allergies are referred to. The most common allergens include animal hair, mites, fungi and moulds, numerous plants. These allergens can cause burning lips, a strong cough that intensifies mainly at night, a watery rhinitis. These are just a few of the symptoms that accompany an allergy. Are you an allergy sufferer and love to eat chocolate, walnuts and citrus fruit? Can’t resist the first tomatoes and cucumbers?

Are food allergies dangerous?

Unfortunately, in the case of allergy sufferers, all these foods can cause various ailments; from abdominal pain to rash. However, the most dangerous for some allergy sufferers may be insect stings. Even apparently harmless small flies can leave a trace of large bubbles after the sting. If someone is allergic to wasps stings so aggressive and numerous this year, it would be a good idea to carry medication prescribed by an allergologist.

Sometimes the sting can even lead to shock or even death. Let a tragic example for unbelievers be the unexpected death of Ewa SaƂacka after a wasp sting. It is important to take the medications prescribed by the doctor systematically and to consume food and drinks in the open air. If you suspect that you may be an allergy sufferer and have symptoms similar to those in writing, contact your doctor, who will carry out skin tests and, on this basis, will evaluate what you may be allergic to. The tests alone last only 15 minutes.

It consists of puncturing the forearm with a needle and sprinkling in place of forging various allergens. After 15 minutes the reaction is checked. If there are blisters in the area of allergen administration, it means that you are allergic to these substances. Then you should start treatment and a possible elimination diet.