In today’s world, a beautiful white smile is undoubtedly an indicator of prosperity, beauty and success. Celebrities, stars and beautiful models smile at us from the covers of newspapers and television.

Looking through the auctions on Ebay recently, it turned out that for as little as 9.90 euro and you can become the owner of a captivating smile from Hollywood. Reliable ultraviolet light, so divorced by one of the sellers, will make for you real wonders. Your grey smile, carefully hidden from others, after a miraculous treatment with this specificity will make you feel like a real star. However, if you are skeptical about such inventions, a native dentist can certainly help you make your dream of a beautiful smile come true. Your smile has already whitened for at least 100 zlotys after several minutes of exposure.

Cheap teeth whitening at home

However, if you are afraid of a dentist and you do not believe in magic inventions from America, pharmacies serve you a whole range of means to support whitening and improving our smile. Prices of these specifics, bagatelles, range from 50 to even 300 zlotys. There are whitening strips, various whitening toothpastes and gels waiting for those interested. Recently, even whitening dusts have appeared, which is distributed to the teeth by means of special sticks. To increase our satisfaction, dust has a mint flavour and smell. Another way to get rid of an ugly smile is the pen-like structure of the applicators. All this to improve our mood and increase our self-esteem.