Anti-vaccine theories are still very popular and at the same time harm the entire population and collective immunity. Particular harm is inflicted on unaware children, as well as on people who have a weakened immune system due to their health problems or who have had a weakened immune system since birth – and therefore cannot be vaccinated. Unfortunately, many myths have developed around vaccines, for which there is absolutely no evidence in the world of science.

Is mercury in vaccines dangerous?

MERCURY – yes, there was mercury in vaccines – in an antifungal substance, thanks to which one bottle of mercury could be used for several vaccinations. Interestingly, it is ethylmercury, which has no toxic effects on the human body and is removed from it within a few hours. Unfortunately, in fish such as salmon we are already dealing with methylmercury, which by penetrating the blood-brain barrier can lead to damage to the nervous system. It also penetrates the placenta during pregnancy and is responsible for fetal defects.

On the other hand, the suggested link between mercury and vaccination and the increase in registered autism cases is ruled out by numerous reliable scientific studies. Nevertheless, this compound has been withdrawn from vaccines because of too much reluctance and fear of the public. Unfortunately, this is related to the increase in the price of vaccines, which has a particular impact on Third World countries.

Hydrochloric acid in vaccines?

Another source of unjustified anxiety about the composition of vaccines is hydrochloric acid. The same acid that occurs in our stomach. In the case of vaccines, a small amount of it is used to equalize the pH of the solution – adding acid to the base and vice versa. The next sinister sounding ingredient is formaldehyde, which appears in the vaccines in an acceptable amount and does not pose any threat – our body synthesizes it itself throughout the day!

When may the symptoms of vaccination be disturbing?

Vaccine symptoms – the most common symptoms include swelling in the area of the puncture, redness, headache and general weakness. These symptoms disappear after just a few days and do not pose any threat to the human body. They are only the result of the ongoing revolution in the immune system, which will protect us from a possible disease and strengthen population immunity. Statistical data show that in order for collective immunity to be effective, about 85% of the population living in the area must be vaccinated. As a result, the disease will not have the opportunity to spread effectively and will not lead to dangerous epidemics.