The British series Peaky Blinders became a real hit a few years ago. It’s certainly noteworthy – in order to make up for the previous seasons we can make up for whole nights. Each subsequent episode is getting more and more involved. The series takes place in the 1920s. The main place of the action is Birmingham, a city located in Great Britain.

Going back to the interwar years, we can feel the incredible climate of those times. Producers have made sure that every detail is as elaborate as possible. This is not a typical crime series, although the plot here is based primarily on the local gangs. What deserves attention is the appearance of gangsters – elegance, bravery and freshness. Often these are young boys who have been forced to fight brutally for a higher social status.
A story based on facts

Everyone should know that the Peaky Blinders scenario was based on authentic stories. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, the United Kingdom was shaken by criminals who wanted to improve their poor existence by force. As mentioned above, they were often very young boys. Thinking about gangsters we usually imagine bald necks in leather jackets. Here the gangs were created by real elegants, who looked impeccable in every situation. In their lambs you could find sewn in razor blades.

Amazing visual and musical setting

Already when watching the first episode, attention is drawn to the perfectly designed scenery. It perfectly reflects the atmosphere of those years. Dirty and dusty streets, grave atmosphere, poor society. All this presents itself very realistically – as if we were really moving back in time.

We can’t fail to mention the brilliant music, which evokes shivers on the back. Many pieces by popular artists have been used in the production. They are strong and energetic. It would seem that they were created with Peaky Blinders in mind.

The series can be watched on Netflix streaming service.