Let a person who does not associate the name COBEN raise his hand? The world-famous author of widely known crime stories has once again started to write a series! His first rehearsal was not very successful and the viewers of The Five will surely agree with us. But what couldn’t work this time, when Netflix started the production and Halla, an actor known for his role of Dexter (an amazing series, by the way!), was cast in the main role?

This mini-series consists of 8 episodes which tell the story of a widower with two children, one of whom dies in unexplained circumstances. Can such a story be drawn in? Maybe! We watched the series in one breath and the first 5 episodes are a real masterpiece of building mysteries and criminal mood. The construction of the episodes seems to be very characteristic of Coben’s literary work – a gentle introduction to the action, a love theme and CIACH – such an ending of the episode that it is impossible not to turn on the next one (fortunately Netflix takes us out of this activity, so watching the series in a sequence is a trivial thing!).

Unfortunately, we have to say with regret that the last 3 episodes are not as stunning, the action is slightly slower, and solutions to many threads can be guessed. In spite of everything – we judge the series as a great plus! And it seems to us that this is a beautiful rebirth after a short downtime in the addictive detective stories of Netflix production. To sum up – an ideal series for spending Friday evening and Saturday morning for fans of Coben and detective films.