The title itself arouses the reader’s interest in this position, because who wouldn’t want to learn how to recognize a liar?

Moreover, after reading the mention of the author of this book, one cannot resist the great desire to reach for it. You can read on the back: “Dr. lord Jack Nasher – Awakemian – business psychologist, lawyer, lecturer at Oxford University and member of the Society of Personality and Social Psycholoy. Such a description works like a cloth on a bull for people who are interested at least in psychology. Only one hook related to it appears. If you reach for it at least a little interested in the issue, you will not discover very interesting tips. However, it is worth reading it at least for interesting references to scientific research and curiosities in the field of psychology.

After reading the book you will not become a human lie detector, as the publisher assures you on the back. You will simply broaden your knowledge. And in order to be able to recognize a liar in the slightest way, you have to make more effort than just reading a book.

To sum up, the book is interesting and you read it in one breath, the pages quickly turn around, it’s a position for a few evenings, during which you don’t have to strain your mind too much.