Pierogi is a cult Polish dish. Many people try and experiment with recipes and can’t find the perfect one. But today we’ll tell you a few secrets that will make getting the perfect pierogi dough easy!

We will start with a list of ingredients:

-0.5 kg flour
-Glass of water
-5 tablespoons of oil
-1 egg
-A little bit of salt

Since it is the dough for dumplings that always causes the most problems, today we will only deal with this issue of the recipe. Filling the dumplings is actually just a formality, because it is the dough that determines the quality of the dumplings.

Before combining flour and water, boil the water. Only with boiling water pour the flour in a bowl. And stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained. At this point we have to set aside the stirred dough to cool, so that during the addition of eggs do not lead to beheading of white. After the flour and water have cooled down, add our egg and oil. Knead again until a homogeneous mass is obtained without any lumps. This is a key element of dough preparation. If the mass is too loose, you can add a little flour. If you get down to this point of kneading badly, the dumplings may simply disintegrate during cooking.

After kneading, wrap the dough in food foil and set aside for half an hour to rest. This will make the dumplings more delicate and the dough will be easier to roll out. After being thrown into the water, boil the dumplings 5 minutes after they have reached the surface. Remember to cook the dumplings over low heat.