Fans of the “Dr. House” series are surely looking for similar series, which will absorb them as much as their favourite. The series about a cynical doctor was not successful only because of its medical topics, but mainly because of the secrets, riddles and characteristic main characters. Everyone could find something for themselves in it, and the secrets gets the heart of every viewer. If you weave into this sarcastic dialogues, situational jokes and a dose of specialist knowledge – we will get a series perfect for people who value intellectual entertainment. Dr. House ended in 2008 and after four years we could find a worthy successor! Although the subject matter is different, the series retains the same atmosphere! Dr. Housse fans will surely like it!

A series similar to Dr. House

This series is, of course, ELEMENTARY. That is, a production telling the story of contemporary Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson, who, by consulting with the New York police, will solve the biggest criminal riddles of a big city in the United States! Like Dr. House and Elementary, there are personal threads of the main characters that only add variety to the story. Another similarity is the fact that each episode tells a different story and a different mystery to solve. The series is suspenseful and each episode is a dose of intelligent humour and surprising development of the action. Definitely, the series will be to your liking! Just like with Dr Hause, every new Elementary series is only better than the previous one. Currently, 5 seasons have been created. Each season has more than 20 episodes.