One thing must be admitted for sure. “Confession heretic” is superbly prepared in terms of graphics. Even paper impresses with quality. Photos from Adam’s life are so fascinating and surprising that even illiterate people should buy it in order to only be able to see these photos. Graphic reference to religion, beliefs of peoples, font, chapter names, all this means that the reader and purchaser does not regret the money spent.

And when it comes to content? It is not surprising, because many things could have been learned by reading many previous interviews with Nergal. However, I still liked it very much, it reads in one breath. Maybe sometimes I couldn’t stand Adam’s evasive answers. Because in the end, if you agree to publish a book which is a river-interview, you cannot answer the question with one sentence or with the formula “What is this question? Your noses don’t itch you” (page 235). It is understandable that an artist can do more. But I would like to read more extensive answers to some questions. After all, it doesn’t seem to be such a book to keep one’s privacy only for yourself.

All this seems to be unimportant when Nergal’s face is peeked at you from the shelf, because with a little help from graphic designers, his picture on the cover is really worth looking at by many girls, who, lying in the pentagram, will sacrifice white cats to him. Oh, of the black, sorry.

When I think of the Church, I have a zoo image in my head. Everything is organized, there are cages everywhere. There are monkeys in one, big elephants in another, and a giraffe in another… The Church’s action is just putting the cages into them, putting reality in order by force. The difference is that the zoo is mostly small, and Christianity is an ideology that wants to put the whole world behind bars. Of course, this applies to every institutionalised religion, but I refer to the one I know, because I live in a country where it dominates….