In March has premiere a new exclusive production of Netflix – Anihilation. It is a science-fiction work, although biology-fiction may be a more appropriate term.

The story is about a biologist (Natalie Portman), whose husband returns at the corner of disappearance on a secret mission. It turns out that she doesn’t remember much about what’s been going on with him in the last few months, and in addition, she has a lot of health problems.

Natalie Portman sets off on a mission to discover what is going on in the secret zone around the lighthouse and what is the cause of “sparking”.

The film should appeal to all those interested in biology. It contains many metaphors that can be read according to their convictions about the creation of the world and the destiny of man as a human species. There are threads of continuous exchange of human cells, passing away, human psyche.

The strong point of the film is the visual layer. They use light effects at a high level, the colour delights with its intensity. The annihilations are worth watching on a TV with good contrast, which supports HDR in the best way.

Unfortunately, the film has moments when it definitely gets longer. Some scenes are too stretched and the acting does not impress. Definitely a plus is the heroine played by Natalie Portman. The actress is perfect for this role – she is a combination of a strict mind with the feisty character of a girl who is not afraid to discover the secrets of science, but also to mystify her own mind.