AMP WordPress

Google Analytics research show that we visit websites mainly from the mobile phones level. Mobile era is not coming, it has come a long time ago, and now it sits comfortably in our living room and freely drinks beer looking at desktop devices from above. Almost everyone has a smartphone at hand, where you can quickly and comfortably use the search engine, or check the news on your favorite website. The importance of AMP on WordPress, which has been promoted by Google for several years now, is also growing.

It is worth getting acquainted with this technology and considering its implementation.

What is AMP?

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a technology thanks to which loading a mobile website is quick and easy. This process takes place with a partial bypass of CSS and JS, which significantly shortens the time of full display of the website. This is by far the most user-friendly mobile version of the site. All unnecessary elements are removed from the content, which makes the website much lighter. This is tantamount to less data consumption, which will surely be appreciated by people who have a limit of mobile data.

It should be emphasized that AMP has a direct impact on SEO. The website becomes more attractive for search engines. For some people, the disadvantage may be a little less effective design. The mobile version of the website is devoid of any add-ons, which directly translates into its visual state.

How to turn on AMP on WordPress?

Implementing AMP on WordPress is not a complicated task. The first step is to install the AMP plugin. As far as the installation process is concerned, this is the only thing we need to do. When you run the plugin, a sufix /amp will be added to every post we post.

As mentioned above, AMP strongly affects the appearance of our blog. That’s why it’s worth adapting the mobile version of the design. For this purpose, we install the Yoast SEO plugin. Then we install Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP – it will help us to customize the mobile page.

After launching the plugin we can choose the elements that are to be displayed on mobile devices. It depends on us, how much will be “slimmed down” the blog. In addition, we can decide in detail how the posts will look like. We choose, among other things, the color of the links, the main image, the color of the header, and many others. It is important that the design of the mobile site does not differ from the classic version of the site. Why? First of all, because the user needs to be sure that he has found the right blog. Too big differences could cause confusion.

The impact of AMP on SEO

AMP is particularly important for those who strive to optimise SEO. Faster loading of the mobile page can translate into a higher position of the website in Google search engine. First of all, AMP reduces the number of rejections of your website. Our blog will feature a lightning icon, which for more conscious Internet users may be the reason for more frequent clicking on this search result. Google reads our content as valuable, which of course works in our favor.

AMP Search view
With AMP enabled, mobile searches will show an icon of lightning.

Is this the future of websites?

AMP technology is extremely popular and there is no indication that it will change in the near future. The great advantage of this solution is a trouble-free implementation. Installing a plug-in is a matter of minutes. In addition, relatively easily and quickly we can adapt the mobile version of the site to your liking. Thanks to this we will get consistency between the classic and mobile version.

Quick loading of the website is a convenience for users and also benefits for the creators of the site. In this way, we can earn a higher position in the search engine, and thus increase traffic on the blog.