modern office warsaw

We all perfectly know how traditional offices look like. They usually have black, white or grey colours with dark desks and old-fashioned conference rooms, which look rather sad and do not encourage creativity and open-mindedness. Many companies still have such an interior design, but fortunately it is possible that they will soon be the thing of the past, as the arrangements are successfully taking their place.

The attitude to office design has greatly changed within the last few years due to the appearance of start-ups on the Polish market. The start—up is not only work, but it is also a lifestyle, as it takes a lot of time to develop such a fledgling business. That is why the place has to be adapted to the requirements of its users, and these are usually thirty-year old millennials.They are very aware of how their dream office space should look like and their requirements are very high.

Start up offices

The owners and employees of start-ups work dynamically. They need the space that will boost their creativityand innovativeness by increasing energy levels. It should also allow to escape from everyday life, which is why the places are usually colourful with interesting graphics or photos, and in addition to traditional desks, they are also equipped withsofas, puffs or pillows, so that the users can feel like at home or even relax. And when it comes to relax, offices for start-ups also offer some kind entertainment, for instance in the form of ping pong tables or darts. A short game is usually enough to recharge the batteries and come back to the workplace with fresh concepts and new ideas to pursue.

white office

What is very important in an office rented by start-ups is the place for co-working. The owners and employees of start-ups are often involved in various small or big projects, which require team work. In order to help the team to act creatively and effectively, they need to have a place to meet, where they’ll feel comfortable, and which will at the same time inspire them to come up with innovative solutions and allow them to share knowledge and freely discuss various topics.

Modern solutions and trands in office design

The trends created by start-ups are more and more often copied by large corporations, especially specialising in marketing, technology or services. This mainly happens because such offices are more employee-friendly, have loose interior design and modern solutions, like activity based working or children corners.

We can currently observe the shift into the employee market. The majority of companies have to fight for the specialists in the branch, but it not so easy to acquire labourers as well. Companies are forced to think of new ways to attract workers, for instance by offering interesting benefits, flexible working hours or possibility to work from home. But that may soon not be enough, and the work environment, which includes the office space design, also is also an important factorfor job seekers. That is why it is worth to think about rearranging the office space right now to keep up to date with the latest trends and benefit from all the advantages of a modern office.