Instragram was born as a place to collect memories in the form of photographs. Nowadays it is one of the most popular social networking sites and a place to build a network of recipients of its brand. It has also become a tool in the hands of so-called Influencers (in free translation: an influential person; an influencer sounds better, right?). As a person who has been developing his profile on Instagram for several years, I have noticed huge changes that have occurred in recent years – both positive and negative. Which one of them touched the Little Creators the most?

Facebook took over Instagram – how has the reach changed?

In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for a roundabout billion dollars. This was the moment when big changes in the algorithm functioning on Instagram started. After a short time, Instagram introduced a possibility to promote posts for a fee – there is nothing wrong with that, if not for the fact that at the same time unpromoted posts were losing their natural range. This even forced Instagram’s “business” users to use advertising. The Small Creators, to whom I also belong, were most affected. Let’s first deal with the definition of “Range”.

Range of Range is the number of users who have been reached by a particular post. Range is generated by the appearance of the post in, among others, Explore, News (home page individually selected for each user on the basis of his set of observed) and Hashtags (#).

instagram likes
One on the instagram remains unchanged – the most important are likes 🙂

Three sources that allow you to get the most extensive range of posts. Three sources that changed their system about 4 years ago. It was then that the Little Creators could see the decreasing range of their posts, lower frequency of new observers and decreases in the number of liked photos. This is not the end of the world, of course. : ) But these are the numbers that motivate bloggers to create new content.

Cutting off ranges in 2019 – how was it before the changes?

You insert a post, it appears in chronological order on the home page of your observer. If he wants, he can read it and like it. If he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. However, it IS POSSIBLE. The changes that have appeared have deprived users of this opportunity, because the main page does not currently display all the new photos of the profiles we are observing. They also do not appear in chronological order. This is one of the main factors cutting off the range of the post, because it does not even have a chance to reach the user who declares the desire to view the content of a specific creator.

Before the changes, also appearing in Explore (a place where non-tracking users can find your picture and profile, if it is thematically related to their likes) was not a great achievement and required minimal activity under the post. Currently, the algorithm deciding about this is black magic.

How to increase the range of the photo on Instagram?

This question is asked by every Creator who takes care of his own profile. This question has also inspired the creation of many e-guides, e-books on the subject of instagram. I’m not surprised at all, because each profile would like to go back to the old days and thanks to one photo gain 1000 new observers. But can all the blame be placed on the shoulders of algorithms limiting the range?

In 2018 Instagram boasted the first billion registered profiles. This is a huge number, which unfortunately (or stets) gives a large selection of passive users – they can choose, change and choose in the profiles they want to observe. Therefore, active users (creators) need to pay more attention to the content (photos) they publish. QUALITY is the main factor that can increase the reach of your posts. They must stand out from others in order to attract the user’s attention.

The photo hash tagging system has also changed. Beware of # on the censorship – the so-called blocked hash tags, which cut off the reach of a post in a very visible way and may put an unconscious user on the “black list” by marking him/her with a “shadowban” – posts will stop displaying both under # and on the news board. There are services that allow you to check if your post is on the blacklist (such as

Blocked hashtags are not only those associated with vulgarism or eroticism, but also quite innocent: #Shower, instagirl, instadaily, meggplant. Unfortunately, there are more than 100,000 hashtags on the list. The safest way is to use Polish # strictly correlated with the subject of the photo. There are also several hashtag selection tools available on the market, including HashMe, which will match your photo with the most popular # and allow you to copy it).

Instagram is not standing still, it is constantly evolving and it surprises its users with new solutions, which developers have to adapt to in order to satisfy their customers. It sounds like pure business – and it is. The financial benefits of long range profiles have made Instagram a money machine.